#1 MT4 PRO Autotrading Robot for the DAX30 Stock Index.

Discover a New World of Trading with our 100% Automated Scalper.

A highly accurate and frequent trading Expert Advisor (EA). The results speaks' for itself.

Live Trading Results - The Ultimate Definitive Test of Any Automated System

DaxBot EA fully Automated Trading system that trades Europe most heavily index the DAX30. DaxBots' ability to make money almost every day is a testament to its' ingenuity of design, stability and profitability.
We put our money where our mouth is, we run DaxBot on live accounts in both of our recommended trading broker partners. Full Transparency for all to see. Click any of the images for detailed statistical analysis from myfxbook. Our Daxbot comes with pre-programmed settings so your account matches our performance. Its a plug and play Expert advisor with easy 5 minutes set-up.


Our most powerful version is a highly active 1-Minute Timeframe System.

Get a FREE Trial of DAXBOT
Explore the Power of the DaxBot today with a fully functional demo version. Test on demo money before committing real money. Our demo version will work on any demo broker account. We will provide details on how to get it up and running on your demo in minutes.
You can test DaxBot with any size of demo account and you can modify lot sizes, etc just like the live version. Join the hundreds of clients already using DaxBot daily.


DAXBOT can be used with every Broker with reasonable trading spreads who supports trading with the very popular MetaTrader platform. Currently the platform is supported by more than 400 Brokers worldwide.


Success or failure depends of your mindset, the right tools and having somebody around who is truly interested in your success.  We are here for you, trade with you and provide support and help and show our accounts for you to compare.

Continuous UPDATES

Our Team works continually on further improvements and features for our range of trading systems. As our client, you will receive build updates on a regular basis and completely free of charge.


Volatility, Trends, Price Action. These and other market conditions change continuously. Our systems monitor the trading conditions and adapt automatically, resulting in more consistent trading results for you.

How to get LIVE DAXBOT Totally Free Of Charge

We will supply you with EA for your VantageFX trading account (new clients only, not existing). If you are existing client or past client this option is not available. We also have other broker options - Admiral/Axi/Thinkforex should you want alternative.

Account Type: MT4 Platform. RAW ECN. Leverage 500:1

Deposit >€500 in your new account at VantageFx. (or equivalent if you choose USD/AUD/GBP base account).

Contact us via email at admin@alnotrade.com submitting your live account number. We will send you back DaxBotV2.1 for that account.

Good Reasons you should use VantageFX

  1. Lot size flexibility from 0.10 on DAX (ICMarkets smallest lot is 1.0 on DAX, same for many others)

  2. Free Trading Bonus $250 for new account from Vantagefx

  3. Proven profitability on our live account.

  4. You get EA free 🙂,big reason. Save yourself €299.

  5. You get exact same trades as us: https://www.myfxbook.com/members/DaxBot/daxbotv21-vantagefx/7362462

  6. Spread is 0.5 in DAX30 including commission, unbeatable. (ICMarkets is 1.0, Axi is 1.0 and IG is 1.2)

  7. ASIC and CIMA regulation, with multiple currency base options

  8. Fast Account Opening and easy deposit/Withdrawal.

Fast Account Opening

Open and Fund your vantagefx account in under 1 day.

Superb Support

Live 24 hour support from Vantagefx online.

Funds Security

Regulated by ASIC/CI and funds held in NAB Australia.


Watch DAXBOT on the GO! Login to your MT4 Account from your SmartPhone.

Track your Trading Around the Clock

Once you install DaxBot on your Mt4 desktop you can monitor trading from your phone via the Mobile app. this ensures you can monitor the profit and loss of your account in real time. This provides a full circle solution for the trader with fingertip control.

Accessible from All Locations

If you use a VPS to run your MT4, you can watch your DAXBOT trading from anywhere in the world with a cellular signal.


Purchase DAXBOT Option - Use your own broker/s

For those traders who wish to remain at their own broker and prefer not to use the afore mentioned brokers in the free version, there is the option to lease the DAXBOT EA on an annual basis. We understand the traders sometimes prefer to stay with their trusted brokers and annual lease ensures they can do so. The annual lease comes with all updates and servicing during the year. DAXBOT is already installed with set files, client just needs to set their own lot sizes, the rest is done. If in doubt, please try our demo before live purchase.

The DAXBOT will be programmed to work only on your designated account numbers, so we offer 3 purchase options, for single or multiple accounts.

After purchase we will be in touch via email to retrieve your account numbers. We will send back DAXBOT within1 hour during UK working hours. Our office email is admin@alnotrade.com




EA will work only in that designated account number. Cost is for annual Use. No Account # Changes






 EA will work only in those 2 account numbers. Cost is for annual Use. No Account # Changes.






 EA will work only in those 3 account numbers. Cost is for annual Use. No Account # Changes.




What People are Saying

Thanks for everything guys, its been really easy to setup. My first attempt with an EA!!!

Incredible bot, fast action scalper. Just what I was after. Thanks for demo. It sealed the deal...

Great to see a well working system. So many robots i tried before failed.

Pat Harpur

Oliver Almieida

Ingrid Garvie


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